Getting back into things

My kids are getting old enough to know the power of doing chores and being pleasant. They realized this and started to fold a big pile of laundry. Love them! They are making it possible for me to have a mid-day blog session. lol

We went to Wal Mart and got some supplies, food stuff and cat litter. We are going to try the clumping kind as the stuff that is made of cedar is just too messy and too smelly in the summer. P U. I hope this helps the problem.

Mr. H is taking a late nap (more free time for me, yes!), the dogs are chewing on their new rawhide's (boy, they totally loved that) and the kids just informed me today is a good and bad day. Mainly good as there are snowballs (the kind w/ marshmallows and cream filling) to eat.

I think I'll go and do some art and photograph some stuff with this new time. Sigh...I really need to have more treats for the kids. Rewards and positive words do the trick. :)


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