Feeling tired.

I feel like I could fall asleep for a few hours and get up at midnight and do whatever needs getting done. It's mostly because of doing the Wii. I tried this canoe feature and they make you get all the duckies home to mama. It really works you upper body and sides. Geesh. It was a lot of fun...just not used to using those muscles (read:out of shape). But all the ducklings made it home to their mama duck,thanks to me. lol

On a totally different note, we've been doing research for our church at St. Luke's...trying to make a connection to the stories of how our rectory was used to harbor slaves and possibly John Brown. Well, I made sent out a few emails and to my delight, I found out there are most likely many stops in Altoona. I can only say, it amazes me at the how there is so much strength and humanity when in times of crisis as in the years of Abolition. From what I'm gathering, there were many safe houses along this route to Canada. Many churches and homes were used by slaves making their way to freedom came through here, over the mountain to start new lives in Canada or stopping along the way to find jobs as servants with freedom. It's truly amazing. Harriet Gaston is supplying so much information. She mentioned several books, which I need to borrow and read, which show how our Blair County was a big part of this movement in a very quiet way. I understand how secrecy at the time was so important...there were bounties on slaves and those who helped to expose them. The churches in this area had to be very quiet and only through word of mouth, could some things be shared. I can't imagine how horrible a time it must have been. Regardless, it makes me very proud that something like this happened here. Not just in some far off place like Boston or New York. It makes me a little sad that only 2 books really record any of this...one published in 1937. I want to know more about this and I think, the more people realize how very historic this is, they will want to know as well. I wish the History Detectives could get involved. I really think it's amazing.

We still have a lot of research to cover and not just sitting at the computer. This seems to be my summer project. :) It feels like a good one too.

On a different note, I'm working on some new paintings and wood carvings. I'm also trying to get Jon to build me an outdoor easel...something I can go outside and stick a painting on without having to worry about dragging it inside. Our mulberry tree is getting such good shade, we can go outside and not worry too much about sun. What a change from when we first moved here and there was nothing but a few bushes around. I love that we have trees and we hope for more still.

I think I'll turn on "Emily of New Moon" and do some more painting. The kids are outside with Jon as he builds the ladder for the tree house he's making. I hope it's sturdy enough for me. We shall see. Have a great evening and keep an eye out for fireflies and bats. ;)


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