Excited and feeling blessed

I just did a give away with EHAG and am so excited to send the winner, Boobunny, my Little Witch painting! I'll definitely donate more art for this contest. This is all new to me for the Halloween art world, so I'm glad things are flowing and I'll be sharing some of my art. :)

I was going through my art studio last night...something I do when I feel when life feels chaotic...realized I have a lot of projects to finish. lol Oddly, a lot of them are Halloween related. I think it had to do with having kids and everything felt so all over the place. Now, things are calming down, I feel like I can take on more and complete a lot of stuff I left hanging. Also, having that hysterectomy last yr helped me feel a lot better too. Sometimes, I feel like everything was a blur and I'm getting things back to normal on some level.

Having people help is a HUGE bonus too. We got that help 2 wks ago with house repairs and some much needed attention. I was so shocked...actually, I still am. It was like a mini-version of Extreme Makeover, honestly. I'm definitely going to be a part of this when they need volunteers. Definitely pay it forward. With all the bad stuff happening with my dad and the rest of the family, let's just say this was a total surprise blessing. People do care and want to help. It's much better to focus on good things like this, instead of being pessimistic.

well, I've got to get off of here and do some stuff. Cleaning, sewing, more cleaning and some art. Maybe not in that order. lol


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