Crazy last few days

My poor dad finally went to the hospital and he was close to dying. Apparently, he was having a very hard time w/ eating and was hallucinating because he didn't want to eat. We found out he has bone and prostrate cancer. I read up the symptoms and a certain type, if he has it, would explain a lot of his behavior. I'm hoping he has multiple myeloma, as this is what my husband's grandfather had. He survived another 20 yrs and died of something unrelated.

I've heard good things about prostrate cancer being survivable with medications/treatment as well. I feel numb at the moment and hope the next thing I hear will be treatments as well as time.

There has been a lot of verbal support and for this I am grateful. I'm saddened that there isn't more of this but a person carries what they want to carry. I'm certainly not going to stress out about that. It reflects where people are in their spiritual path and maturity level. I'm glad I have a lot of very good people around me and in my life.

All of this has made me see my father in a much more positive way. It's good to relate to him. Maybe it's because he's being treated (and not in so much pain, finally) that's making him speak so well. It's a very good thing. I thank all the good people and all the Good in this world for giving him clarity. I wonder if this has been effecting him for years and we just didn't know/understand. Again, so grateful for him getting treatment.


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