Wii fit is fun

My brothers love Wii fit. My mom does too. I'm sure there are other family and friends who love it. Now, I do too. It really is fun. I was skeptical at first and wondered if I could get into a "video game exercise". It's nice to break up between the recumbant bike and walking. My fave is the karate and actually quite a few more. Hula hoop is fun as well.

I can't play it for a full half hour with the little one around as he does get bored and wants my attention (same thing with painting and piano). I figured out if we go for a walk, by nap time, he's really ready to nap. Plus, he was wearing his big ol froggy rainboots and got more of a workout from these.

I feel a bit tired but it's much better to feel a little exhausted from working on then being sluggish. Also, I did my allergy regime and this helped w/ breathing (it was getting bad, honestly and I thought I'd have to turn my self in for asthma or something).

This is another reason I like Wii fit. It's inside and I'm not stuck in the elements or having to drive somewhere with at cranky little one. :)

Now, if I can get myself into a routine of doing this every day at 2pm or something, I think I can make it work. Wish me luck.


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