Warm day full of Bees

We overslept and forgot to go to church. I think it's the heat and doing so much yesterday...we gardened, got lovely green plants and my new rose bush from Leighty's in Newry and got to drive around and see the emerald hills of Altoona. It officially feels like summer and what a way to start the month of June. Green, green and green against a blue turquoise sky. Enchanting.

We're thinking of having a yardsale the second week of June. I want to make more space in the garage and make some extra cash, of course. I'll probably have some art to sell too. lol I have this plan but need to clean out more stuff first. I was hoping to do this way back in September but so much stuff happened, that I got emotionally exhausted. Basically, make the garage art creative friendly. I am so slow but it will happen. :)


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