Tuesday doodly-doo

A series of annoying events happened today...Jon's car stalled and is sitting on the road down the street, this means I don't have a car and I wanted/needed to go to the post office. This also means, I'll most likely walk down to pick up my kiddos. I was told by my eldest that EVERYONE in her class wears a watch. So, I've got to get them each one. Okay. Otherwise, not too annoying. I just hope it doesn't rain when I go and pick up everyone.

I was thinking about stuff and about the whole resurrection thing in the bible. It's been on my mind with Easter having recently gone by and there are more days to Easter then I realized. Being from a protestant background, I was interested to find out there are so many different meanings/days that mean things. Jon is used to this as he is from a Catholic background. I find it a bit awkward at times, trying to remember/learn all this stuff. I'm just glad the rector and other Episcopalians know what's happening and I can learn from them. lol

Anyway, I was thinking about the resurrection and how people can either take it as it is or else use it as a test of faith, etc. It's interesting to hear different perspectives and how it is used by people for ways of proving/disproving whether one believes or not. For me, however, the whole story is about the trials of love. Love is born into the world and is the light of the world. Love draws people together and guides them to change old ideas, Love is tested on the cross and then Love survives death (resurrection). For me, this is what it's about. Love heals and protects people and will transcend human frailties and limitations. I can live with that. :)


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