Thank Goodness it's Friday!

Yesterday was so stormy! Pouring down rain, lightening and thunder and finally a calming down with cool air. It was royally hot yesterday...just glad there is rain to give us a bit of a break. I feel twinges in my wrist which means another thunder storm...and soon.

Nobody wanted to get up today. They were sluggish and acted like they were already into summer time. It's hard w/bunk beds as they can stay up there without me yanking them out of bed. lol It's annoying...maybe I'll use a squirt gun to get them out? Only a week left of school and then break time.

I went out shopping today and feel so good for getting out. Honestly, I felt like I was bound to the house after awhile. I've been going face is 1 shade darker, but not going farther than your backyard/neighborhood can get a bit dull. We went for a mini walk as well and someone had 2 more trees cut down. I bet it was roots in the plumbing...their lot is extremely small and I have a feeling this was why they got the trees removed. Sad, but sometimes, that has to happen. They are a nice old couple too (I think his wife has severe dementia, poor thing).

I got some basic needs things at the market/store and am pleased the guinea pigs have their timothy hay, the bird has millet sprays, the cats have treats and I forgot to get the dogs a treat. They got some chips...they are all right. (rolling eyes). I need to put more pics up here. I notice I write more then I show. I should have bought more ribbon when I was out...I just realized. How annoying.

Jon put in 3 air conditioners...what a load of work that is but so worth it. We need to get whole house conditioning one of these years.

I watched the entire first season of Drop Dead Diva. This is my new love of a show. I found out there are several more seasons on Life cable station (I'm not sure of the name, so don't blame me if it's wrong). It's such an awesome show!! Rosie O'Donnell is on it and so many other great actresses/actors. You just want to jump up and down and say, thank goodness for something written well and fun! I miss the Rosie show. Her memory reminds me so much of Jon's...he's got this memory where he can see one thing one time and remember it pretty much forever. He can recall commercials (songs and all) from childhood. Crazy and fun! :)

oh, and I got sunblock in my eyes. I need to wash them out but am too lazy sitting here typing. I will wash them out in a few...don't worry,mom!

I was talking to my dad and he was ranting about cats and dogs. Then, he said he really doesn't like cats but he does like dogs. I listened and encouraged this thinking. Then he blurted out he really loves dogs and wants one! I was shocked (and very happy). It felt like this is normal talk and what I want to encourage with him. Dad tends to go into the land of lala and following this/getting upset with this, only makes things so much worse. I want to send him a toy dog but hope that it wouldn't freak him out (if he forgot the conversation). I owe my mom a letter too...and a few other things to post.

I'll do it all for Tuesday. Have a great Memorial Day. I see all these sweet old folks out my window...they are avid gardeners and have been giving us the harry eyeball. I'll just wave at them and smile. Sorry, but I love my Totoro patch in suburbia and will not chop/mow it down...well,only a little. <3


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