Putting the puzzle pieces together

So, I've been trying to understand some behavior by a loved one. I recently found out some disturbing plans this loved one had...things that didn't make any sense. I found out that all of these thoughts have been happening for 4 yrs and there is a "long term" plan. All of it is nonsensical but I was worried that people outside wouldn't understand this and believe this loved one. Now, I understand that it's actually dementia.

For a long time, I thought it was another condition and only when I found out this new bit of information, did it all come together. So, in a way, I feel really relieved because I have concrete evidence. Thank God. Also, I found a really good website on dealing with dementia and how to make the situation possibly better for my loved ones.

I vaguely remember going to this website yrs ago...and wondering if there was some link. I didn't have all the info (there is a lot of shame/hiding going on). My next step is to hopefully get them to the doctors and tell a professional.

Plus, I don't have to worry that that actions will be more serious...most likely, just ramblings. Again, thank God.


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