Jello and other things

I made jello yesterday with one of those canned fruit (grapes, peaches, one or two slices of cherries) and I dreaded the result. Every time I do it, it's always too watery. This time I drained the fruit...most of it, and added it. Still watery. I really find that annoying. Do I need to add more jello powder? Maybe I need to read the box and find out if there is a secret way of adding fruit to it. Well, the kids love it this way, at least. :)

Yesterday seemed sort of like a big, strange world of clouds, rain and green. Today is a bit the same. I think there was a break of 15 minutes of sun. I'm not kidding.

I feel a bit stuffy from the weather...or from being inside and having all dust bother me. Actually, I did carving too, so it's probably this.

I've been reading a book by a new to me author, Jerry Jay Carroll. It's called Top Dog and has a Lord of the Rings feel and a pinch of Terry Prachett. It's pretty good. A few weeks ago I recommended a book called The French Gardener...once I got half way through, I was very disappointed. It was not as good as I thought and ended up being about ultra rich whiny people. It's more Lady Chatterly's Lover...but not as good (with the whole rich lady falling for the poor working class gardener). I was so bored with the novel by the end, I just wanted it to all end. There are some very beautiful descriptions of gardens and I thought the tree house was charming...this was probably the strongest part of the book.

The other annoying thing is Jon's car is not working and the mechanic we had it towed to, doesn't want to bother trying to fix it. He says it too rusty and why bother. So, we're stuck trying to find a more hands on person and trying to tow this thing in the rain. blah

I'm trying to think of something to make for dinner. I'm just going to make grilled cheese sandwiches. The kids have been staging protests and make dinner a terrible stressful time. Why are they so picky? Nothing is good and they won't eat things that are healthy. I'm going to make cabbage (boiled) and have that w/ Jon.

I just realized I didn't have any coffee and that is why I feel so sluggish. I have been doing Wii Fit and LOVE it. I found out it has a karate thing on it. It's fun and if you're not focusing you can get a pot stuck on your Wii self. The dogs are annoyed I haven't walked them in the rain...I just don't feel like going out there.

Can you believe it's Wednesday? 2 more days till the weekend. ;)


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