Happy Mother's day!

I love Mother's day for several reasons...we've all had a mother, experienced the love (hopefully) most associate with mother's kindness and share that good which most of us have learned from a loving source. I do believe that anyone can attain the status of motherhood, regardless of birthing or gender.

Today was a great day. Everyone worked hard to make it special...breakfast in bed, flowers and lots of loving gifts handcrafted by the kids. Just a good day. Sure I spilled water from the vase of flowers on my toast and had to share the sausage with my cats and kids, but all in all, a sweet memory. :) Plus, we even made it early to church for once. lol

Later, we went to my mom-in-laws and had pizza and cake. We spent a lot of time outside with the kids and built little fairy houses. Very cute. I started to feel a little overwhelmed, allergy wise. Hopefully, I won't feel icky tomorrow. I did nasal flush and hope that will stop anything from happening.

I did some artwork...carving wood. My hand must be feeling better. So, that is good. Yesterday, everyone did house chores and helped out. I love that! I think we should do at least 2 hours of solid house chores during the weekend. It makes your home just feel so much more yours when you tend to it.

Next weekend, we're going to try and help out w/ the church clean up. Hope it's nice weather and we can get things done. If it rains, I hope it's a warm rain.

My next cleaning project is bathing the stinky dogs. Boy, do they need scrubbing. I'll have to wear gloves, but it's worth it.

I really want to get a flag...the kind where it says stuff like, "Life is Good" or "Welcome". Something cheerful. I got one for my mom-in-law...small, that says "Love". It was really sweet. :)

Well, not much else to write. I got to talk to my mom and wish her a Happy Mother's day. I miss her and I was glad to hear my brother's were spoiling her. Praying my dad feels better...he was physically tired for over a month. Wish he'd visit the doctor and get checked up.

This week is supposed to be sunny and beautiful for the next 4 days. I hope so! I planted peonies and really hope they grow and flourish. :)


Carol said…
Hi Emily! I am looking around at my old, excuse the expression, blogpals and it is so great to see how beautifully you are keeping your blog!
I printed out the painting you did for FFMB and was looking at it lately. Keep care and keep on blogging.

Nice music too.
Hi, Carol! :) So glad to hear from you. I've thought about our old group from time to time. Hope all is well. Is the painting the parade one? I was happy to do that for the group. :)
Carol said…
Yes, the painting was for the FFMB! Everyone contributed from their talents to the band. Your playlist is beautiful and sets such a relaxing mood for your blog. It matches you.

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