Good news

Harrison has a clean bill of health. The doctor said it's like he didn't even have any thing happen to his eyes. Thank God and all the people praying/sending positive thoughts. All of this has made me realize how blessed we are with friends, family and truly the kindness of strangers. It's very comforting and makes me feel much more at ease about a lot of things.

Deep breath.

Oh, and hi, Mom! I'm glad you figured out how to read my updated blog posts! This adds to my good feelings.

Today feels heavy with potential rain. Yesterday I saw the strangest thing...I think it was a cloud settling right in front of our house. It was so odd and sort of magical too. I can see how we can imagine all sorts of things from seeing something so unexplained. Jon thinks it was a slight tornado accumulation. Probably. It was amazing as just as soon as I noticed it, the mist/cloud shape disappeared and rain poured down. I wonder if it was a left over from the storms that hit MO.

Right now, it feels like we live in a tropical jungle. I'm a bit reluctant to plant any veggies as I worry about mold. But I could try and get one of those sheets they put on the ground to keep mud/water from splashing up and ruining tomatoes, etc.

I love our foliage on the side of the house but I worry about things sneaking in there and playing. I think it's time to cut it back a bit. Plus, it will control the buggies and so on. Another strange thing, I haven't seen a single chipmunk in our yard. I wonder if it's a cat or other animal. Either way, it's all part of nature, I guess.

I admit I was worried that there would be some other problems regarding Harry's getting better. Sorry to go on about it, but it's such a relief.

I threw out all of the Simple Green and am switching to vinegar and water. I found some interesting sites on safe cleaners. Plus, I'm not leaving any of this stuff around. That's the key, really.

Well, I've got to start the day. All this humidity is making it difficult to breath and I'm sneezing more from the pollen. The good thing is the Maple trees have stopped and now there are a million maple pods everywhere. These are fun to pick up and drop...they have a helicopter look as they settle to the ground. Have a good one!


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