Feeling trapped in a rainy tropical forest

I guess that doesn't sound so bad...Actually, what I would like is to get a half our on the bike done, have a snoozing kiddo so I can paint/carve (although, my cut hand hurts too much to do this, I'm afraid) and start working on some writing projects.

I HATE that I procrastinate so much. I really do. I'm making my self nuts by doing things last minute or not focusing. Well, actually I am focusing it's really about letting preconceptions go and plugging away at these mini-projects. It will get done and all will be well. I just feel a bit anxious at the moment because it looks like it's going to pour down rain and I have to leave the house in a few w/ a gruppy little mister.

Maybe I should start taking him to the gym and burning off some of his energy. He is SO amazing sometimes...so strong and so determined. Othertimes, I feel worn thin with having to guide his energy or face it as a tantrum. The good thing is he going to bed earlier.

Oh and bless you Spring! Thank you for longer daylight. Even if it's raining, we can do a little yard/outdoor stuff when Jon gets home. Thank goodness.

Today was just a triffle annoying...eldest was throwing up/sick last night. Woke up grumpy as sin and we used the "take 1 step at-a-time-to-see-how-you-feel" stratedgy. Basically, take a shower, see how you feel. Eat some breakfast, see how you feel. For the record, she was fine after having some breakfast and got into the school mood.

Well, the littlest of our clan fell asleep in the car, let me carry him upstairs and put him to bed. I can't believe it. Now, to help 1 kid finish her homework and I can possibly do some art stuff. I hope! :)


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