Doing much better

Well, in the past few days, everything has gone from the best of plans to the worst feeling possible. I still can't believe things happened the way they did but we are over the most scary/terrible parts and things are better.

It all started on Thursday. I was in a good mood as I was having company over on Friday and was in my hustle and bustle cleaning mode. I love having people over even if I get a bit frazzled about cleaning. But I was way ahead of this and only had to fine tune a few things. However, when I woke up the dogs had made a mess on the floor (I believe Jon didn't let them out and with all the rain, I haven't been walking them as long or as much). So, I cleaned this up and ran downstairs to put in a load of laundry. I glanced back and saw the spray cleaner (Simple Green) under a blanket and stupidly left it there...thinking, I'll get that on my way back.

When I came back upstairs, I found Harrison spraying the spray all over the place. He was covered and I was like, Oh, my God! I grabbed him, ran upstairs and stuck him in the tub and starting spraying him off. He howled and I kept at it, pulling off his clothes as I went.

He was still crying because I was shoving water in his face and was freaked out. Once I got him rinsed off, he calmed down and I was like, "Okay, nothings wrong.". About an hour later, he started rubbing his eyes and crying. I called Jon and he was like it's all right, no you don't need to go to the ER. Another hour went by and I was screaming at Jon on the phone. He called his mom and she's like, call the ER. I did and they gave me poison control. They immediately said to take him to the ER.

Thank God my in-laws were there, available and with it. Dad drove me to the ER and within 20 min, the doctor was looking into his eyes, numbing them and cleaning them out. I, on the mean time, had a melt down and just felt horrible I let so much time go. They said I did the right thing and it was good we went to the ER. I still feel like I should have trusted my instincts and gone ASAP. If there is a next time, and I pray there isn't, I surely will.

We went to the opthamologist yesterday, the same treatment was prescribed (antibiotec eye cream), they said I did the right thing and I found out that Simple Green is worst than acid on the eyes. I will stop using this product and keep all sprays put away. I still can't believe I was so stupid to leave it there. I now know, finish all that you start and don't run around like your head's chopped off. And I will not care if my house isn't clean's much better to be a little imperfect and safe.

The best thing is Harrison has opened his eyes, one is still swollen (he scratched it from rubbing) and the 1st layer of cells was stripped from his eye from the spray. According to the doctor, Harrison shut his eye quick enough and only a little got in. He kept his eyes closed for 1.5 days and this was a blessing as it acted as a bandage. He opened them last night when I took down the guitar to play. He walked over to me, touched the guitar and said, "Hi, Momma!" I was so happy and relieved to see his little peepers.

Don't ever trust that something says non-toxic. Go to an ER as fast/safely as you can. Put cleaners away and finish what you start. That is my message for my self and others.

Today is a gorgeous days for more than one reason. I'm so grateful for the medical help and for all who were supportive. Finding you have so much to be blessed for in your times of need, really makes a world of difference.


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