Doctor Who and Eureka

I've been watching a lot of Sci-fi shows lately. It's sort of a weekend thing for my hubby and me to do once the kids are in bed. We ended up watching the late late night time slot for Dr. Who...that was a bit much as we had a lot of nightmares. sigh At least we got our Dr. Who fix.

We also love watching's on netflix and we don't have to sit through commercials/time slots. It's fun and Jon cracks up at all the made up techie words. I like that he thinks it's silly but won't fall asleep because it's well written/acted. lol

With all the stress we've been going through w/ Harrison, it's a nice break. He's better today and slept from 5:30pm till 7 am. He had skipped his nap and needed extra resting time. Plus, we were outside a lot which burned up his energy. Poor guy. His eye is still swollen but much better. Also, he's getting good at taking his eye treatment...lays down and only struggles a little. He knows a popsicle or M and M's are sure to follow. I hope toliet training goes this well!

I'm working on the Church newsletter...didn't get any photos from anyone and all I have are pics of my own kids. It seems a bit selfish to just show my family. I just get a little shy asking for people's pics...I don't know why. I think it's because the church folk seem to know they'll end up in the newsletter...maybe it's a mutual shyness. :)


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