Calm-ish day

Today started off a bit off sorts...when I checked on Mr. H he was covered in throw up. I guess he was either too warm or I don't know what, but I cleaned him right up and decided there and then, I was going to drive the kids in. This is less stress as the bus arrives earlier and we'd have to leave earlier. So, the morning actually felt pleasant.

We had a good day after that...did the laundry and actually hung it out to dry (one piece got pooped on from a bird and the neighbor started to mow and kick dust everywhere, sigh) and just did art while Mr. H played. Plus, we seem to be getting used to the warm and opened another window (which is not as easy as it sounds as Jon sealed them all for the winter...another sigh).

I was looking at some art on flickr and got inspired. I need to write a post for my Altoona Mirror blog, The Art Cafe and I think I will share some artists from flickr. I think it's amazing how the internet can bring people closer, in a respectful way. <3 love that


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