Between the rain storms...

I felt like all of early last week was one big rain storm after the other. Actually, it was one big rain storm after the other. No wonder I felt delirious once the heat and sun came out. Thursday was so stressful with worry and fear for Harrison. I keep praying and hoping his eyes would be all was heartbreaking to see him with his eyes shut...all because I left the damn spray cleaner out! I thank God and all that is good when Friday evening came and he opened his eyes and said, "Hi, Momma!" I still can't believe it. We'll find out exactly how well he is tomorrow and I pray/hope all continues in a positive direction.

As for the weather, looks like our sunny days are taking another break and it's going to be rainy, again. I am definitely going to go to the gym, library and get out of the house for a break. I don't care if the dogs are wet, I'll make sure they get their walkies too.

I'm going to be tough on myself...or at least firm and get into a routine. It will make everyone feel better all around and keep our mental health up. How I wish my mom and dad lived closer too. It would make so many things better if I could have them near by. I'll keep praying about this.

I'm so lucky to have so much family over here. I really am. I sometimes forget this, but I'm blessed by extended family and does remind me how much each is a treasure.

I have a good feeling something wonderful is going to happen. I hope this feeling transcends to other's and people feel good as well.

Yesterday, we all went for a walk and got a little bit of sun. The gals were happy to be out and then went to their friends house. Today, at church, we had a great service, I got to see some wonderful people and everything just felt good. Afterwards, we went to Mom's house and had a mini-Thanksgiving style lunch. It was fun with stuffing balls (so good!). I need to do some cooking and share some as well.

I didn't make it to the gallery on time. Oh, well. However, I'm very glad I will have at least 15 new things to show and hopefully, sell there.

The kids and Jon weeded the garden and planted some cukes. I want to get some tomato plants and maybe some herbs and stick them in the ground. I hope everyone had a good weekend and will have an even better week. Peace, love and hope to all!


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