Rainy days bring May Flowers

When I was growing up in Southern California, we'd have a lot of dry, hot days. I remember longing for the rain...I'd wish that every birthday I'd get a rainy day but being born in July, it never happened. Now that I'm over in PA, I'm very happy to report that I get a good dose of rainy days. Sometimes, it does feel like it can be a bit much but I'm not complaining. I love the rain and I love that there will soon be so much green it will feel like some enchanted world.

I was going through my photographs...years worth on the computer...and was surprised at how many times I seem to be carried away by the landscape and seasons. It's all good, even if it clogs the computer a bit.

Anyway, I know it's getting warmer as the dogs are rolling in all sorts of things and look extremely happy when they do so. It's annoying and a bit muddy...I'll have to buy more dog shampoo.

On a different topic, Jon and I have been watching this Sci-fy show called Eureka. It's actually fun to watch even if there are some things that are annoying (if you get into the details and specifics). But that's all right. I'm enjoying the story line and there is a delicious creepiness that they are working into the sub-text. Fun!
Although, I do find it annoying how cold the people on the show are progressively becoming. I guess when enough strange stuff happens, everyone becomes a bit hardened...

I'm going to try and watch some of the old Dr. Who's. I would like to get into it...just to see how things came about. Plus, I'm anxious for the new Dr. Who to start. The writing is much better in Dr. Who. There is this extra bit of kindness/thoughtfulness which makes it so good (in both character development/story line).

Well, I've got to go through some pics I downloaded. They are of my new wood carvings. I'm going to list a few on eBay, I think as well as the one I'm donating to Red Cross for helping Japan. I was planning on dropping off some at the art gallery but they were having a jewelry show. I bet it was wonderful; they always have such lovely/unique gifts at the Art 4 (http://www.art4gallery.com/). Hope I don't sound too much like a commercial. lol

We had an excellent birthday celebration for Lydia! She got all she wished for, unicorn toy, books, movie, and the creme de la creme 2 Magic sets! wow! I even had fun w/some of the tricks.


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