Quite rainy out there...

It looks like the rain is starting to calm down, sort of. It was so rainy I felt like we should have a boat car! lol It would have been fine, actually, but we did get rear ended by another car. If I had been in CA when this happened, I would have thought we were in an earthquake as the car really shook. I'm glad they didn't push us into the oncoming traffic! But I was scared and my back hurt (I was twisting around trying to talk to the girls). I feel better now and am really glad the car took most of the damage (can't open our hatch). It's mostly annoying and makes me sad as our dad-in-law just got us new tires and I was feeling all happy about everything. I guess nothing is perfect...I'm all right with that. sigh

Before all of this, we did go to the library book sale at the Church of the Bretheren. The kids got to run around and look for books. Jon dropped off my new work at the art gallery and we had a good lunch at Kings. So, half the day was good. We would have gone to the Circus too, but after the crunch and my headache/migraine thing, we just went home. Plus, it was crazy raining still. Part of me is like, avoid all stress when it rains but another part of me is, do something fun when it's raining and make a memory. Tomorrow is the last day for the circus, so we'll see what happens.

Another intersting thing that happened is a relative contacted my dad-in-law. She's 93and wanted to talk/share some family geneology stuff. It should be interesting. Hopefully, they'll get some stories about family. They are golden.

I've been pouring over my bag of books and having fun w/all of it. It's fun to see what you can find and sometimes, it's not exactly what you'd expect. I also like talking to the people there, if I get a moment,too. I got a heads up about the next book sale in September. So, we shall see. I wonder if I missed the Altoona Library one. I hope not. Besides finding novels and craft books for my self, I love finding good kids books. We found a Frank Baum book, Ozam of Oz (3rd or so printing) and a Wrinkle in Time.

Oh, and my mom just sent me a big Easter box of books and goodies. Thanks mom!! I'm trying to make the kids control themselves (not easy).

Well, I hope everyone else has a calm weekend and is safe from that scary storm. I still can't believe how much damage has happened from it. Praying all are safe.


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