Lovely green

Yesterday, spring decided to be born. The weather was hot, humid, filled with that dizzying magic of a thunder storm and though it was very quiet and patient, if you listened, you could hear the pale green buds sigh. It is time, they call to each other, it is time. Movement for the rest of us, me a sluggish human, was difficult and chasing a toddler in this intoxicating air, all the more difficult. The warm air seemed to grab onto you and want to pull you down onto the earth, to calm you and claim you. Or if there was a handy blanket, to make you pause, stare at the sky and command you to drink in life.

I had to shake my head at the warmth and how I hunted for shorts for my troop of kids. Summer clothes are now on the menu. I did find a pair of shorts for my youngest. He, in his exuberance and typical little boy fashion, stumbled onto the ground, instantly skinning his knee. A true mark of warm weather,lol.


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