a good night

Tonight was one of those nights I'd take to eternity with me. The kids played happily with each other and we were all interacting and healthy. It made me feel so happy to see and be with everyone. It was great. We chatted and laughed at our silly antics...no TV or video games. Just relaxing and being with each other. I wish I made a video but the memory is good and strong. It was a relief from when someone or other was sick, cranky or just feeling neglected. I'm so glad for these moments. I want to make them last and make more of them. I hope other families feel like this, too.

It's midnight and I should be going to bed. I feel slightly wired having chatted w/my parents. Things seem stable...they had some sickness as well but are on the upwards feeling. My parents...so quirky and crazy. But who's parents aren't? lol

Things seem to be feeling better. Although, I just realized one of these nights we have to do the egg stuff for Easter and I have to get some plastic eggs to donate. It's all good.

I'm glad I make time for my loved ones...even if it means doing w/out certain things. Although, I feel totally spoiled in some regards. Blessings and I hope I am/can share these things/gifts too.

Have a great week! I hope I can get up tomorrow...shame on me going to bed so late.


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