Definitely Spring

We spent a good deal outside yesterday. Slightly chaotic w/ bbq fluid spilling in the garage and I had to clean that up. We got the kiddie pool out and washed that, had Popsicle's and played in the sandbox. All was fine, until H. got jabbed w/ a Popsicle stick (L. bumped into him). That was awful and the poor kid was balling all over.

It was close to lunch time, so we all came in and had lunch/felt better. I didn't feel too badly...just thought I had a headache from the spill. By 9pm, I was really grumpy and feeling rotten. Honestly, I think I wouldn't feel so yuck if the thunder storm had finished up, but it hasn't and I feel all achy in my joints as well as sinus pain. We enjoyed being outdoors, but it is HIGH pollen and makes for a sick Emily.

When I put H. down for a nap, I actually slept for 3 hrs. I still can't believe I did that. I must have really felt worn out from everything.

I guess I shouldn't get an outside job or something. This makes me angry as I like gardening and feel sort of limited by what I can do. Oh, well...

Right now, my ear is pounding and I want to take a nap but can't because I have to take care of H. and do house stuff. I'll try nasal flushing next.

Otherwise, things are mostly stable. I hope, by tomorrow, I'll feel a lot better. I'm going to pull out my air filters and run them on high to at least make the house more comfortable. It's probably air conditioner time (we/Jon puts them in the window).

I hate that I had to write this post about having allergies. Oddly, it's still 90% better then when I first moved to PA. So, that is something. :)


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