Jon and I cooked a bunch of enchilada's, soup and baked potatoes. We didn't eat it all, thankfully! It's nice to have a lot of things to make and I guess when you feel better, you feel like making food. Only 1 kid didn't like anything (the middle kid). I guess we should bring her something to eat, but it's very frustrating when they don't want to eat what everyone else is eating. She didn't even want to eat the veggies! Geesh. I bet she'll be hungry tomorrow.

Actually, the reason I think we're cooking is because we're procrastinating the floor. So far, we've put it in the wrong way and have torn out half of it. Bleh. This is SO annoying. We've got to remove the other quarter and I think once we do that, and start plunking it down the right way, we'll move a lot faster. Sigh. It's all good and I feel confidant we'll get it done.

For myself, I had another stinking migraine. I woke up w/ it and started to think it might be an allergic reaction to "Nutella". I never had it before. The kids love it. I didn't eat that much of the stuff, just enough to cover toast. Still, when I woke up my face was really hot and puffy. My right side feels like someone punched me or I was stung by something and my left side had an ear ache/sinus pain. I nasal flushed and took a nap and all this helped. I noticed, again, when I feel yucky, my spelling/writing is awful. It's like I can't compute basic sentence structures and so on. Weird.

I'm really glad I feel better and I'm catching up on house chores and stuff. I did take a few minutes and sketched out some miniature watercolor paintings. It was nice to do something, finally. I did a wood carving of some water w/ lanterns floating on it. I'm planning to put up an auction on eBay and raise money for aid for Japan through Red Cross. I have really missed doing my art/carving/painting all week.

Well, gotta do some more stuff for tomorrow. I'm praying when next I type, all the flooring will be done and I'll be on to the next project. :)


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