Cherry tree

I think it's really sweet how my youngest daughter loves the Japanese style. She says she really likes the cherry blossom. I'm going to make her something with cherry blossom's for her birthday in July.

My computer is really slow and I'm using the other one. For some reason, this one doesn't let me do spell check. I'm TERRIBLE at spelling but am trying to be aware of anything I might do. I'll miss something, I'm sure.

I'm reading an interesting book I got at the book sale called, "The French Gardener". It's very interesting and has a lovely feel like Elizabeth Goudge's book, The Scent of Water. I'm enjoying it, even though it makes you feel aware of how we can neglect our kids by being "too busy".

I have an overwhelming desire to do more art...I feel like I've been so busy trying to feel better (migraine) and then the car accident freaked me out a bit, I have been neglecting my work. What I need to do is organize some table space and go crazy w/ the paints. :) If I do any wood cutting, I'll wear extra protection (even on my hair. I think I'll set up the vaccum thingie in the garage to clean as I go. :)

I made some good soup. It's barley w/ cabbage and beef. I "copied" the soup I had at King's and had veggies, and tomato sauce in it as well. It feels great after the cool morning and now cold and cloudy. I'm glad we got out for a walk in the rare sunshine.

Well, I've got to take care of a little guy. Nap time, hopefully, will happen. :)


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