Books on my dream shelf

So, I'm having huge book order conflicts. The conflict is that I am low on the cash to buy such books. Lol I may have to sell some books I do not read/need. I always feel sort of like I should donate books...they are, after all, fountains of knowledge. Well, usually, that is.

Plus, I either need bigger book shelves or it's time to thin things out a pinch. I just feel tired thinking about the whole thing. I wish we had wall to wall book shelves. And yes, I'm that much of a book junkie. I probably should have another room for my house just for books. Oh, that would be heaven...and another bathroom.

The most recent book I'm pining for is "Unicorn Jelly". There is a cool website that hosts the book in it's entirety. It is the story of mystical arts vs. science. It is really good on a number of levels...I wonder if the author has written anything else since then.

Anywho, it's pouring rain today. We went stir crazy, the kid and I. We drove to the Dollar Store and splurged on goodies...windmill flowers for the garden, magic top hats that appear out of thin air for the upcoming kid party, rainbow spinners, and 2 bags of dog toys. They had quite a few fun things at the shop and we had a good time wandering around. Well, I did...the kid had to sit in the cart the whole time. He was not happy. His plan was to run around the store, knock things from the shelves and say "NO!" in a loud deep voice and frighten people. I guess I must sound like that to him...great.

Either way, I had a good time and got to do some walking too. I didn't get to go to Joann's Fabric but oh, well. It was fun to get out.

Well, I'm disappointed. My cat (the oldest one, Simone) has gone back to her bad habit of doing a hide/poo/pee thing. I really thought she was over it.Plus, she's doing that creepy meowing thing again. I really, really do not like that. It grates my nerves. I know she is 21 (or 22), but still. Why does she have to meow like that? I think she knows she gets attention (I usually run upstairs and see what's wrong). I guess that's the way with life. People/pets, they all want our attention.

Speaking of attention, I need to finish the last bit of my artwork so I can spray them w/varnish. I just realized I think I'm low on gloss varnish! DARN IT! I'll see if Jon can pick up some for me on the way home.

I was supposed to go to a meeting last night, Relay for Life, but didn't go. Jon was late from work and had to get air for my tires (they need replaced, soon). So, I decided not to get stressed out and we all had a great dinner by candle light. It was good. :)

Speaking of pets/attention, our dogs were so house crazy. I bought them both their own doggie toys and they immediately couldn't share. Nelson grabbed one and Penny came over and said, hey, that's mine! Apparently, she thinks she's the queen. Fortunately, she is very good and listened and Nelson did get his own toy. I hope that stops them from grabbing the kids stuff.

My wrists are killing me. I think I've got carpal tunnel syndrome. It's the rain (chill) and doing some artwork (drilling).

I really want to finish up some art stuff even w/my aching wrists. Plus, I can't find my felt kit since we installed the floor. This is very annoying. I also wanted to make a wood carving for my daughter's present. A Pokemon, rapidash (Spelling?), on wood. I think she'll like this. Great, the kid is not sleeping and is now throwing stuff out of his jail, I mean crib.

Have a great weekend!!


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