Wiating for dinner to heat up...

just tatter tots and nuggets and possible macaroni; thank goodness for frozen foods. My wrist is hurting as I pounded the ice and made a path from the steps to the garage. The path to the gate is still crusted w/ice/melted snow. It will have to wait. I hope Jon will do some of ice stuff this weekend because my wrists can't stand it.

The kids started to help me out a bit, so that was nice. I'm tuckered out. I ended up doing 20 min on the bike, walked up the steps 5 times (boy, that makes me feel really out of shape) and did more house chores. I fell asleep when Harry took a mini-nap. I was really out of it. Coffee barely made a difference.

I feel slightly sick because I did eat 2 Swiss cake rolls...as in 2 packages (4 in total). Bleh.

I made a list for all the things we need to get for the school Valentine's party stuff. Probably will be about $25. Not too bad but geesh, it adds up.

Maybe I'll feel like doing something after dinner. I hate to complain but I feel tired. I did do some art work. I finally painted some of the branches of trees I've had stored nearly all winter on the back porch. I love working with this stuff but storage is a pain. I painted the branches red and am gluing them to the edges of paintings. I LOVE the effect and will post once they are varnished. I have to figure out some way to add hanging stuff to the back. I want to see if the gallery would try and sell my new paintings too. They are abstract and small but quite interesting.

I've got some new ideas for some carvings as well. I'm thinking of a bird series and more Spring related goodies. I'm excited about this. But first dinner.

oh, and by the way, the cute TV show is called "The Guild". Apparently, it was shown only on-line. It is made up of various Youtube clips. It's pretty funny...sort of slightly yuck factor but not too bad. lol I also love "The IT Crowd". It is British and hilarious fun.


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