so much to do and yet...

I'll do more stuff in the morning. I just need to sit here for a bit and ponder. So, things are humming along and suddenly, I'm like oh, no...everything is due tomorrow. This is annoying. I wrote a passage for the church lent book and it's too long. So, I have to edit that. I'm working on finishing up the church newsletter as well (which is what I did all afternoon). I have to help my kids finish up some school reports due at the end of the month, I believe. Also, gotta prep some fabric squares for kid #2's class project, think about submitting some work to a local art show and possibly submit some work to this radio contest due this week, I think. And I'm feeling a bit overwhelmed with a 4 day weekend (me, primarily caring for everyone while the man goes driving around town hunting for hay...couldn't find any). When the heck did all of this happen? And why wasn't I better prepared?

Okay, the good thing is I got more wood to carve and can do some of that tomorrow. I do need to paint about 14 pieces, still. I guess everything got a little wonky when the man cub got sick on Sunday. He's got my sore throat, poor guy. That's another thing, I was sick too, and that does make everything feel like you're walking through molasses.

Thank goodness I didn't have to shovel this time. I just refused. Jon did it all and I just made coffee and coco for those who did all that work. My shoulder/arm/wrist hurts, still.

Tomorrow, I will go for a walk w/the dogs and be a sun worshipper for about half an hour. :) I will play with my crazy 2 yr old and build a snowman. I will finish up the newsletter and email the lent passage. And I will finish at least 1 piece of art (if not more). I will also not lose my temper and be calm with the kids. Wish me luck!


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