sleepy, chilly and grumpy

That's how I feel right now. I do not want to start the day. I do not want to make coffee. I do not want to do a half hour on the bike. I just want to curl up in my blankets and go back to sleep. But they have made this a make up snow day and I have to do the cha-cha-cha and get every one/thing/me going. I'm having a serious feeling of rebellion. I'll probably snap out of this, but the house is so nice and quiet and I feel cold.

My wrist still hurts from chopping at ice yesterday. The driveway was an ice rink. I have to find my yak tracks. And I hope Jon bought more salt. He did fill up the tank! Thank goodness!

I've been looking at my Susan Branch "The Summer Book". It makes me feel both very happy and sad. Happy because summer will be here in a few months and sad because it's still cold and there is thick ice outside. These are the days I wish we could all jet out to CA and visit the gardens or drive off to Florida for 2 weeks and eat Cuban food. :)

We went to the market last night and I feel exhausted. Everyone was all Steelers! There is going to be a thing at my in-laws for the football game. I'm not much into that...but there will be food. So, that's good. Mexican.

Well, I'll make coffee and take some pain stuff. Maybe I'll feel better after that. I looked at some of my fave blogs and really want to try some of that felting stuff.

Oh, and I have to tell about a "new" show I found. It's really funny and quirky. I'll write about that next. Gotta go!


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