Sketching and carving

Got a bit of house stuff done. Middle kid had her friend come over and that gets us hustling in house chores. We also went for a the blizzard, apparently. Now, it's sunny and bright with no snow, of course. I feel tired and sluggish. Maybe it's time for some coffee.

The annoying thing is my throat really hurts. It's definitely not wood allergies.

We've begun to fill the bird feeder again. I've seen squirrels, sparrows, and cardinals. I hope to see more when I add more variety of seed/suet. Oh, and there are rabbits as well. I love seeing their tracks in the snow. :)

I feel so sleepy. I have the littler heater pointed at me and this isn't helping. Jon said he's tired too. It was the walk in the blizzard, I'm sure.

Well, hope everyone has a good weekend. Have a Happy Valentine's weekend too!


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