So, I'm sanding away at about 13 pieces and I'm annoyed because I want to have a HUGE stack to work on. 13 or so doesn't seem like enough to keep me excited. Why am I like this?? For some reason, if I have a nice big batch of stuff of carve/sand/paint, I'm happy. A good number is 21 or more. I'm crazy. (But I think I will pester Jon to get me some more boards at Lowe's).

I'm really excited about my big duck/goose wood carving. I'ts a nice healthy size and I keep thinking of Canadian goose but it might turn out a duck. Hence, the "/" mark.

Anyway, I have a bit of a scratch in my throat and my head does have that sort of haywire dizzy feeling from mild sanding. I'm going to nasal flush.

I made a big pot of vegetable barley soup. It's pretty good but I slightly burned the bottom. I really hate that. :( I was playing with H and got distracted. Oh, least I wasn't doing something unproductive.

Today, we are going to try and grind down our bird, Odie's bottom beak. I'm so nervous I keep putting it off. But he's not getting better (even with a freaking grinding stone) and I have to do this. I'm nervous about hold him in a towel. Wish me luck. Jon is going to grind him with the little dremel.

I've gotten the dining room sort of organized. The desk is still a mess but I have all my art stuff fairly organized. I usually work in the basement but it was A. way too cold and B. has gotten really messy with holiday stuff and C. is hard to get down there with mini-me at my heels. lol He likes to tear things off the shelf so that I will have to go through stuff and clean it out. Sigh.

Jon wants to move the ping pong table to the 3rd floor. It was my fault as I thought it up but then I realized, what the hell was I thinking? When we got our King size mattress they practically ripped off the molding around the windows with that "U" turn on the steps. No, I do not think that Ping pong table will be going up 2 flights of stairs...most likely to the garage (which would be pretty dang cool with the doors open in the summer...esp on rainy days). We just need a new cement floor in garage.

I'm so excited about Spring. I'll probably burn my self out with all the excitement. However, I've been looking up heirloom roses. I have learned that the Tea rose is the one you want for fragrance. So, I'm looking for hearty cold zone roses. :) I LOVE roses and I would like to put in 20 bushes but most likely will put in 5. If I can find some cheap ones (I think Kmart had some good deals), I may go there and give it a try. My dad was great about buying rose bushes and would always seem to have armloads of them as gifts to my mom. Isn't that sweet? :) I don't mind rooted ones or freshly cut. They are all beautiful.

We might put in a horse shoe pit too. Jon's dad would like one, so it might go down by the side yard. I want to fence in the whole yard and have a white picket fence. I know, so idealic. But it would be nice for a garden and safe for the kiddos. We shall see. Jon wants the horse shoe pit to be by the hillside...I don't know.

I had this idea of getting a pet sheep. It sounds insane as I write this. A part of me would like to but I know it would require vet bills and a lot of work. A chicken or 2 would be nice too but again, it might be too much work/vet care. I'll focus on getting my garden and tending to the critters we have right now. Speaking of which, two need a bath (stinky dogs).

Well, gotta go. Have a GREAT weekend. I have to make lentil soup w/ham for church. I hope it comes out good and I don't do anything to wreck it. :)


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