Problem solved

I love that title! lol A few weeks ago, I had been really annoyed with my middle kid as she was sick and VERY moody. It was really bad getting her up in the mornings and I DREADED going into their room and say "Rise and Shine!" Usually, I'd get "I'm tired" and constant stream of complaints. So, I felt very anxious and try to be upbeat/positive but it was really grinding me down. Well, we stopped at the local Target and the kids found alarm clocks. Target has some really cute one's and good prices ($6). We choose a rainbow numbered clock. This is the magic clock. Not only does my eldest get out of bed, get dressed and brush her hair but my middle kid is nicer and easier to get up. I'm still in shock. It worked all last week (they discovered the sacred snooze addition on the clock) and all is going well. AMAZING. I don't even have to go up and check on them as they are into a fabulous routine and I have extra time (to start a laundry load, tend to the youngest kid, etc).

I have felt so uplifted, my day goes better and I'm just getting stuff done...esp. for a Monday. Even the dogs seem happier! lol

Today I made the best batch of kale chips, thus far. The lower temp and longer cook time really was a good idea. Plus, I reduced the amount of olive oil to 1 Tb per 10 leaves. I did accidentally burn myself and it hurts. Gotta watch those cookie sheets.

Kale chips are very low in calorie as well as being good for you. They won't turn into sugars after digested. I do worry about that because we do have diabetes in the family and I have to turn the kids on to healthier foods.

I wrist is aching from shoveling. I think I wrote that already...but it still hurts. :( I hate being sore. It doesn't help rearranging furniture and trying to type right now. I'll stop now.


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