Note to Cat

It is not polite to bite your owner's toes while they are sleeping. It is not polite to sneak under the blanket, curl up by their feet and when they stretch their feet begin to claw at the "giant mice". :P This is a no-no. It means being flipped off the bed via blanket or the grumpy red haired mate of the giant mouse will toss you out the door onto the cold carpeting of the hallway.

I would not do this anymore or you will have to find a heat vent to "cuddle" with. Also, do not think it is cute to wedge your entire cat body into the warmest parts of the blankets. This is not endearing especially when you decide movement is cause for play. We humans do not like to be thought as your heating pad and play thing. You have been warned.


The above was another reason I couldn't go back to sleep. Having 3 cats (who all think they are the top cat) is not easy in the winter.


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