Mini-Spring Cleaning!

It all started yesterday. Basically, our fridge was calling, screaming for attention and I cleaned it out. 2 things were giving it the major stinks...let's just say forgotten food items and leave it at that. ahem.

This got me motivated to clean other areas of the house. Actually, my in-laws are coming over and I needed to dust/clean badly. The piano has become a pit stop for all sorts of things. I have half of it cleaned off. The mantle is surprisingly beautiful now that I've dusted. I am proud of this.

I can't say the house is perfect but after I brew a pot of coffee, I hope to spiff up the reminding mess piles. It's amazing how easy it is to just sort of stash stuff in piles and only when family/friends come you realize, what the heck was I thinking.

I got some good ideas for storing/getting rid of stuff. I'm going to look for 4 large baskets that will fit under the TV. I'm also donating a pile of books to the church and possibly goodwill. I have 4 bags of kids clothes ready to go to the Salvation army and a 5th to go to my niece.

Once the weather warms up, I'm going to paint my computer desk, the kitchen and bathroom. I might even do the living room. I know everything needs touch up paint, but that's what little cans of paint are for.

I feel all hustle and bustle today. We're actually going on a date, Jon and I. In celebration of our anniversary. It's 11 years ago, we got married. We have 2 weddings, actually. A long story, basically, I wanted everyone at my wedding and since that couldn't happen, I had 2 wedding ceremonies. At the time, it made sense to me and now, I'm like, what was I thinking? Anyway, just the quirkiness of me, I suppose. lol

I think I hear someone whistling outside or else it's the kid playing his harmonica. It's a really cool one that has more range then a mini-harmonica. I would like to get several more as I can actually play it fairly well. Plus, it would be nice to have one's own and not a slobbered on one.

I got a new wood carving set from Harbor Freight. It is really good and from Japan. I got the Chinese set as well but it needs to be sharpened (can you believe that, new and it needs to be sharpened. It was only $5, I guess that's why). Anyway, my wrist is sore from carving 10 pieces and I feel like I have slight splinters in several fingers. darn.

Jon got me a scroll saw for my wedding anniversary present. I am pleased. I'd be out there right now sawing away but I have to do some more house chores.Boy, I feel tired.

Well, maybe I'll get that coffee going or else I might fall asleep. I didn't realize cleaning was an aerobic workout!


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