Mini-headache from mini Spring clean

I have dust allergies (among a few other allergies). All is well, if the dust is not moved or is religiously cleaned. However, I dusted with one of those swifer dusters and I think it's not that great. Sure of big dust clods, it's good. But for small particles, no. I got a massive headache (the kind where you want to throw up) last night. I'm going to have to wear a mask and use some good old fashioned lemon pledge; I miss that smell.

I have the air filter running and I think that's helping but I feel sick-ish. I got up at 4 am with my head pounding, nasal flushed, no relief. bleh

We went for a walk and someone had their fireplace going. It bothers me too, wood smoke. I really, really do not like having all these probs. I wish I had a nose filter...but I guess that would be weird and I'd sound like I'd have a cold.

My ear hurts too.I'm just a bundle of complaints. Sorry.

Honestly, after all of this, nothing too serious is going on. The rest of our family has stomach flu's, so I'm glad we're just sort of feeling all right. We were supposed to go on a date night, didn't happen. Oh, well. Hope everyone feels better.

I wish my energy was back and I could jump into some artwork. I need to get some proper work gloves as I can't handle another splinter, as well.

Otherwise, we're looking for signs of Spring! I noticed some lilacs getting small buds and maybe I'll try forcing some branches. I'm jealous as heck over anyone with a lot of summer exposure in their yards. I have none, apparently. All my yard is ice with mush water under it. I want a green house. And I want to start walking the trials around here, again. I miss them!

I for see a big trip to the vet, soon. I might try using a dremel stone (find a smaller size) for our cockatiel, Odie. If this doesn't work, vet time. But the dogs and cats all need to go.

Well, I think I'm allowed to take some more Motrin. Wish me luck that it works.


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