Enjoying almonds

Almonds have suddenly become my new favorite nut. They are so tasty and they don't feel as greasy as some other nuts do (sorry, peanuts and cashews). My hubby bought a huge container of nuts and when I get an almond, I must say, it's quite good.

I love the name Cashew, however. It really is a cute name for a pet. Maybe in the future, if the right pet fits, we'll name it that.

Got up really early and actually have more time on hand. I did my workout (yeah!) and got a load of laundry under way. Once I got the kids to school, I moved the bookcase and have rearranged books. I need to do some dusting and some more book sorting but it's looking better in the living room.

My wrist is hurting from breaking up ice, again. I swear we should store some of this ice for the summer. Just crazy amounts. Maybe I should wear a bandage or something on my wrist to help.

I've been doing more artwork...and have a lot of sweet watercolors I should put on eBay. They seem to mail better (light weight) then my wood carvings. Jon got me some plywood and I want to start trying it out...have a lot of ideas in this regard. I wish the garage wasn't SO COLD. It really makes a difference if you're freezing and fingers are all stiff and can't hold tools correctly. Not good.

Geesh, my wrist is killing me...gotta stop typing. Have a good week!


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