cutting wood

Finally cut some wood. Hopefully, I protected my nose/mouth/eyes enough and won't get a headache. What a pain. It was really cold but I got a lot done. I have a lot more wood to "play" around with, so I'm excited. I cut out a 2 foot "duck" or "goose" and will sand that. I cleand up most of my last projects and organized things so I could have some more space. It's great having a place to sell my work and being able to create more art.

I didn't do any decorating for Valentine's day. I can't believe I nearly forgot about it. I guess I've been so preoccupied with the ice/snow, I forgot everything else. I hate that.

Gonna make some coffee in a few. I didn't do the bike today...I did 3 days in a row but I did get some walking in at Wal Mart. Also, I'm annoyed because my little banner of weight loss disappeared because I didn't update it. I think I forgot the password too. Darn it. I really don't feel comfortable with that thing, I guess.

I know this probably sounds all "mom-ish" but I had a really good time at Wal Mart. I got to shop, look at stuff and have fun company with H. It was actually relaxing and I didn't feel stressed out. Plus, the roads were awesome and the sun was really nice and bright on the drive to and from. Sometimes, you just have to get out of the house and do stuff. Now, if I can get my self to the gym, I'll really feel accomplished.

Oh, speaking of which. I made that little button about "contacting me" through photobucket. It was actually fun and the graphics on there are very easy to use.


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