trying new things...

I went to the art store yesterday, Michael's. I haven't gone in some time...trying to cut back a bit and all that. But, I sold some work at a local gallery over the holidays (at Art 4) and got a pleasant surprise (a check!).

So, I allowed my self to go shopping! I got some wood at Lowe's for more wood carvings and paints at the art store as well as goodies for the kids. I decided to try out some watercolor pencils. I have never used them before. But I just tried them out, and they are a delight. It really gives your work a whole new dimension and control of color. Wow! I will photo some work and share. I'm going to go over some of my older things and see it it helps to make things pop. It's very exciting.

I was a little annoyed (all right very annoyed) that a little drum I bought Mr. H, broke after he gave it a few taps w/ his drum stick. Geesh! I couldn't believe. The funny thing is I found this really cool website that sells goat skin to replace the cheapo plastic stuff. It's a Native American Indian Craft Supply website called SPIRIT CONNECTION STORE. They sell all kinds of cool/unique things. Skunk purses, claws, tomahawks, and more. I really enjoyed looking around there and getting ideas for projects. I've always wondered where you buy animal skins for drums or other projects. Plus, they sell drums as well. Anyway, once I get the skins I can tell you how the project will go. I'm excited about this as I've never done this and have been curious about using this material.

I was hoping to cut some wood today but looks like I missed the sunshine. It's already dark-ish and I'll have to wait till Tuesday or nap time, tomorrow. Darn.

We might be getting a new addition later this evening. We shall see but they make a wheep sound and love to eat greens. :) I'm excited!


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