Stretching lessons

Today the kids are off from school. I have to share my time...not easy, since I've got my routine of semi-quiet pace of life. On top of this, I have a sick husband (coughing up junk and feeling blah). So, it's up to me to keep things flowing. Oh, and the middle kid is now coughing and showing signs of feeling blah. That would make nearly 4 people who have had this in our family of 5. I don't know if I got it or I had some coughing and such but it went away fairly quickly. Everyone else has been on antibiotecs. I'm getting used to going to the doctors.

With all of this going on, I feel tired and down. Plus, when our guinea pig died, it seemed to make things worse. There has been a lot of death discussions and such (esp. when our cousin passed away on Christmas). So, I guess it's bound to make a person feel a tad low. That and being stuck in the house because of snow/cold. I want to go to the gym and splash around in the pool...but the kids are sick and they would not be happy if I did it by my self. I guess we might walk around the mall (Jon doesn't like this as it might led me to want to go shopping). Actually, I'd rather do book shopping and the last time I was at the mall, there wasn't a book shop anymore. Isn't that sad?

Stretching and being flexible is not an easy task when you've got cabin fever, coughing family members and barking dogs. I think I need stick a bunch of quilts on the walls to soften sounds or something. Maybe that sounds a bit crazy but it might help.

Well, I've got to go and rescue my watercolors from the kids. I think I feel an ear ache coming on...great.


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