sleepless in Altoona

Yes, another night of insomnia. It always seems to happen about 3 in the morning, too. Very annoying. For the record, I did fall asleep at 7pm last night. It was a bit of a crazy day with having to take my eldest to the doctor. I had to pick her up from school, drop off the little guy at grandma's, and on and on. My eldest does have a sinus infection and I'm very glad I got in before the weekend as she would have suffered w/out medication. I feel very grateful for doing this and thank God for safe driving (there was some snow but it was very gentle).

I had planned a day of cooking and baking but that was thrown on the back burner. I did make onion soup using this recipe. It came out really good. I changed the bread and beef part with regular toast and chicken broth. It came out really good, regardless. I served it with some red wine and it made a great meal on a cold evening.

Also, Jon came home with 10 pounds of mushrooms!! He finally got to the mushroom research place before they ran out. :) We added fried mushrooms to the soup and it was great. I also boiled up some leeks, so I might add that tomorrow (or later today, actually).

I've never baked soup in the oven and was nervous about my bowls. They were fine...very hot, but fine. I just wish I had time to try and bake some things. I was thinking of making a French baguette. If I could do this, with even a quarter of the taste from store brands, I'd be pleased. I'll have to research it. My other idea is biscotti and granola. I'd like to make these two things soon. My mom makes a really great chocolate chip version of biscotti...might have to get her to share that recipe.

I need to call my mom and see how things are going. I hope she's feeling well and not depressed. I sent her a late package and I hope she got it. I always send my dad a huge bag of almonds. He loves them and they are good for him too.

I completely forgot to photograph all my ornaments I made for loved ones. Basically, what I did was make b/w copies of special photographs. I then glued them to cardboard and covered the cardboard w/felt or fabric. I lined the fabric with bric brax or pretty ribbon/cording and added some embellishments of buttons. Then, I stitched up the sides and added a loop for hanging. I think they came out really nice and I hope people like them. I made 2 for me and one for Jon (of me and him). I'll probably make more as I love the feel and it makes it special to hang either on a tree or wall. I'll photograph the ones I do have.

Lately, I've been making a lot of new work. I still need to get more wood (looking for a lightweight pine, I think). Till then, I've been doing lots of paper mache. I'm excited about my new things and am falling in love with the look/feel. This is a good and bad thing as I end up wanting to keep everything. lol

Well, I'm going to end now. I'm going to do a bit of praying/meditating and hopefully, this will help me nod off. Having a cup of coco seems to be working too. :) Have a great weekend! :)


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