Letting things flow...

I chatted with my mom for about 2 hrs and my dad, for about an hour. This is the best kind of gift I could ever get. I enjoyed listening to them and it's a miracle my dad's talking to me. It gives me hope and makes me glad I'm able to do this.

My biggest hurdle of dealing with my dad is he's very argumentative. I've decided to approach this with patience and humor. I also do what Dear Abby calls, emotionally distancing my self. I don't allow my self to get carried away emotionally and just listen and enjoy my dads voice. Sometimes, I have to redirect the conversation but I also get to hear some of his memories from when he was a child. I love these parts and it makes up for the swells of information/ideas that come out of the conversation. It's a good feeling to know you're basically on a ship and to ride the highs and lows and hopefully, direct the conversation to calmer waters. I don't know if this makes any sense, but if you've ever dealt with a person who is difficult, it's good to go with the flow but don't get carried away.

I also thought of an idea that might encourage my mom to do a side business. Basically, it would be alteration/fixing clothing. I hope she'll try it out. It's totally her cup of tea as she is an excellent sewer and just needs confidence to do things. She seems much more determined and I thank God for this. I want her to succeed and know she is a very valuable person. Oh, my gosh, I forgot to tell her Happy Birthday! That's why I called!! lol I hope you read this, mom and know I wanted to tell you Happy Birthday and a card is in the mail. :)

I need to go and get some the mushrooms that are still sitting on our back porch. They froze SOLID. I never put food outside before and Jon was like, hey, it's free refrigeration. I guess...it just seems so, odd.

My mom said the weather is in the 80's. I was like, DON'T TELL ME THAT!! :P

I need to get dinner started...pizza bread, I think and mushroom soup. I still have 3-4 loaves left. I think this might be my Saturday tradition: make/bake bread and enjoy all week long. :)

Oh, and the good thing is I got the cable thing to work again! We didn't have the TV on all day because I didn't realize I had to push 1 button. Annoying.


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