In other news...

Well, I was very pleased to get some news from a local art gallery I sell my work at, Art 4. I sold about 12 different pieces over the holidays! I still can hardly believe it.

Last night, I was moaning to Jon about why things weren't moving, why couldn't I be selling more, etc, etc. Then, today I get a nice surprise like this. :) I think I'm going to have to go out and celebrate with buying a few planks of wood! Woo HOO!!! I'm still amazed and glad to know people like my work.

In other news, poor Jon is still feeling yucky and his chest literally hurts. I'm trying to talk him into going to the doc but he's trying to be tough. It makes me nervous because his parents smoked when he was young and I know this makes people vulnerable to lung infections. He's getting lots of bed rest...I think I'll put the steamer on him.

I hope my middle kid feels better, but she's a bit low too. I wish we could get rid of all these stinkin' colds and have warmer weather to rest in.

Once everyone is stablized, I can do some more stuff, artwise. It's a good feeling to know people like your work. :) :)


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