I got the mail today, a letter from our church, and it was not good. Our new rector will not be staying. I feel a mixture of disappointment, shame and annoyed. Annoyed because nobody said what exactly the problem was. I'm confused and sad that things have come to this.

I know there are probably many reasons why this is happening and nobody is to be blamed. It's hard not do this but I will try.

I feel bad for the rector...it was hard for him to move to PA and make a lot of changes/adapt to a new place. I know. I've been there. I feel bad for the people of our church who were trying to be open to their new rector.

I feel like there has been a lot of changes within the church; deaths, people moving and struggles. It makes me sad that things have fallen apart like this...and I have no real reason for it.

I'll pray for all involved. I'll pray that we all can heal and learn to trust again.


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