Busy Bee

I guess this is true of all parents, when you've got a kid that's sick, everything seems to spin out of unison. That's how it's been with my middle child. She's super grumpy and just makes it harder for herself to get better by being so grumpy and not feeling well. Part of the problem is she refuses to eat anything out of our house. If it's at grandma's or auntie's or from a fast food place, it's good. Our house is full of yucky oatmeal, yucky scrambled eggs, icky pancakes and so on. Sigh. I'm sure a lot of her grumpiness would go away with a full tummy.

It takes her 45 minutes to eat any meal. She looks like she lost 5 pounds and with her already skinny frame, it looks a bit scary. I've taken her to the doctor and they said a common cold (this was last week). I'll have to go again if things don't improve. It's frustrating because I think she makes it worse. She wouldn't even eat a brownie because it "tastes yucky". This week I'm going to crack down on everything and put everyone to bed by 8pm. I usually have them go to sleep at 9, but I'm starting to think it's too late. They get 10.5 hrs of sleep. Maybe she needs more and this will help.

Anyway, I'm dealing with all of this and trying to remain calm. It's not easy when acts like a dragon with flames, etc. I know kids act out and it will pass. I started to think about going to a day spa. :) This makes me very happy. :) If I have to be a nurse, I think I need to get a special treat and I'm going to start saving up for this.

We had a 2 hr delay today because it was really cold; something like 5 degrees. The dogs did the fastest bathroom run ever.

Last night, I tickled my cousins and they screamed in my ear. It is STILL ringing. I think I might have to get it looked at by an ear doctor as I think my hearing is getting worse from kids screaming (my own included). I feel like I only get half of what is being said and am easily distracted by noises during conversations. Very frustrating. I thought it was allergy related but now, I'm not so sure.

I did 20 minutes on the bike. It felt great and I hope I burned off some of that cake I had during the weekend.

Yesterday evening, I did some sanding on some new wood pieces. Unfortunately, a piece had a huge splinter which dug right into my finger and feels like it hit the bone. I'm pretty sure I got it out but it really hurts. I guess it's puncture wound.

I feel like doing yoga. I haven't done that in a long time and it would be nice to stretch and do deep breathing. Maybe when the kid is down for a nap. Wow...it's nearly lunch time. My eldest usually likes 2 hr delays as it makes it closer to lunch time at school. lol

It was nice spending time with the family yesterday. I felt a bit grumpy at first but warmed up. I got to talk to my sis-in-law and vent a little. It felt good. :) If talking to a therapist is kind of like that, I think I wouldn't mind going!

Well, I guess I better make some stuff for lunch. I wish I had some dried lentils to make soup. Next market trip, I think I'll do that. Hope everyone has a good day. I'm dreaming of CA weather (they were in the 80's last time I talked to my mom). Someday, we'll have warm weather again!


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