Beautiful Sunday~

Today is such an amazingly beautiful day to start off the New Year! I feel like lots of good things are happening, some changes that were sad (our cousin passing away) and other's that are good and full of optimism.

We went to visit a church in Tyrone where our former Deacon is going to be doing a lot of out reach. We all miss him but know he's going to be doing a lot of good. Oddly, it made me realize that we have two churches to learn about God and connect with people. Love this!

Last Sunday, we missed church because of all the Christmas stuff and then, we missed it this Sunday because of the 9am service. I really need to remember this stuff. Thankfully, all will return to the regular schedule for next Sunday.

Speaking of which, the kids are going back to school tomorrow. I feel excited about this. Do all parents feel this way? lol It will be nice and quiet for Mr. H and I. These last few weeks have been packed and busy with activity.

I am ashamed to say I still have a few Christmas goodies to mail out. According to the 12 days of Christmas, I still have time. So, I'll go by that (and add a reminder too).

Right now, I'm very happy to say that Jon and the kids are actually mopping the floors. I feel like this is the best gift they have given me. Plus, Jon washed the muddy dogs (not something you want to come home to find, let me tell you).

The other day, we found a hawk sitting in our driveway while Mr. Nelson was outside! At first, I thought it was going to attack Nelson but when I stopped to think about it, I think that hawk was waiting for the dogs to flush out a rabbit! The dogs have been doing this more (Penny likes to chase them) and I think it's a strange symbiotic relationship. Poor rabbits. Of course, when we plant our garden in the Spring, I might be very happy with this behavior (esp. on chipmunks).

I don't feel like this is Sunday just because we've done so much (Church, market, cleaning and so on). Yesterday, we had New Year's day at the in-law's and stayed at their place a bit longer. We've discovered they have the BBC station and got to see the Dr. Who Christmas special. Now, we did have a bunch of kids in the room and one kid who voiced loudly her annoyance at the show. So, I felt like I didn't really get too involved...but it was a bit anti-climatic, for some reason. Maybe seeing it with all sorts of distractions made it less interesting...I don't know.

Oddly, I did see the animated Dr. Who and it was a lot better then I thought. If you watch the animation too closely, it seems sort of funny. But if you close your eyes and listen, it feels like a radio show (which is actually pretty cool).

I feel like I've been watching a lot of TV lately and I guess that's sort of normal considering the cold weather and all. I feel like moving the furniture around for some reason. I guess the slightly warm bit we got has me thinking of Spring. I also know who to contact for garden tips as our former Deacon is a Master gardener! :)


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