2 hr delay on Snow

So much for wishing for a snow day...I just wanted to keep everyone at home, safe and not worry about walking/driving on snow and ice. Oh, well.

I feel annoyed that I didn't bike for 30 minutes like I had planned. I got side tracked. I wrote to a well known (locally) columnist about a problem a church friend has at her school. She is in her senior year, has been battling cancer and has become dependant on a wheelchair. The school is taking the stance of "insurance risk" instead of compassion. It's so frustrating for her family and for her. Her name is Maddie and I pray that resolutions happen instead of frustrations.

From the last I've learned, she is being denied participation in the vocal ensemble, art classes and being part of the band. To me, this is just so unfair. Wouldn't it make the school, let alone the administration, look like they support ALL their students, instead of a few, by being inclusive? Some things are more important than being an insurance risk or "looking perfect" for competitions with other schools(I'm guessing this has something to do with it, as well).

I feel mad that people don't try harder to help those who need it and have asked for extra aid. It just makes me think that people would rather not remember we can all be in a situation that would require aid/help. It's the old adage, put your self in someone's shoes and walk a mile to see how it feels.

All I can think of is, when it's time to vote, I know who I won't be voting for locally. I hope other's see it this way and realize making it miserable for 1 person makes it miserable for everyone. It chips away at your heart and that's not what life is about. Life is about lifting each other up, raising the bar on kindness and realizing life is very short. Do the best you can while lifting up others.

I wrote to the columnist and hope that something can be done...maybe a story in the paper about the dilemma. Maybe just to have a sympathetic ear from someone who knows what it's like. Either way, people need to allow flexibility for those with challenges. Praying something happens and that there is positive change.


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