Snowy snow

And chilly chill. It is cold here, folks. Thankfully, all things are running smoothly (heater, heat blanket, furnace, etc). Everyone has gloves and everyone has their warm gear. The kids have learned to wear leggings under their sweatpants...I guess I need to stock up on thermal clothing.

All in all, this weather isn't so bad when you aren't sick. Just annoying. The biggest annoyance is the lack of walking we've been doing. The dogs are stir crazy and I'm stir crazy. I tried to walk the dogs and kiddo yesterday...and couldn't make it past the alley. It was too cold and I was terrified of the ice. I should have had my yak treks on but I thought snow boots would be enough. Nothing happened, thankfully, but I was very glad to get inside. The kiddo and dogs, not so much. But gosh darn it, it was cold!

I may start going to the Y. I just need to get moving again as I feel so blah when I don't walk. I just hate wasting gas to get some place to exercise but considering the blast of 19 degree weather, perhaps it's time to bit the bullet.

My husband just walked in and said, tell everyone I'm baking cookies (I'm rolling my eyes). I'm pleased, yes. I did make corn bread and chili, so it's not like he's the only one baking anything. He was very kind (and brave)to go to the market and get supplies, however. :) :)

I wish I had more energy to do stuff but I feel like sleeping. I did a bunch of chores...mopping, child tending, pet chores, house chores, and basically that was my day. I did repair the chair that my sis-in-law gave us (had a bunch of cat scratch rips on the side) but I had to rip off half of it, as I glued the chair shut. It's one of those lazy boy models. I fixed that just now. Sometimes...

We're having a party for a 2 yr old kiddo...nothing too fancy, just at home. But I hope everyone will come as last year nobody did because of 2-3 ft of snow. We actually stuck Mr. H in a sled, and walked up to my in-laws just to get out and have cake! lol That was fun.

I can't wait till those cookies are done. They smell really good.

I'm sure I'm forgetting something. I'll try writing more tomorrow. Have a good night! Yummmmy...cookies!


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