Packages and gifties

I'm trying to get all my cards out and mailed. I need 3 more as I did 20 (two boxes) and found out I need 3 to finish. For me, that's a lot of, they have pics or copies or pics...I wish I had more time. Why do all my ideas/money/time seem to explode at the end of the month? It's just like me to be late with everything. Oh, well...

Mr. H had a great birthday, by the way. He is very happy with his goodies (a new fleet of cars) and enjoyed his cake and ice cream. I am tired. We had the party over at our house. It was fun with the cousins. And best of all, I didn't freak out about the house not being perfect. We started to clean the other night and I've been at it all week.

Anyway, all in all it's good to have that done with esp. with Christmas next week. I still need to go shopping and I don't really want to, honestly. I really hate it.

Tomorrow is the Christmas Pagent. Mr. H is a donkey (he loves the costume) and the gals will be angels. :) The last thing is Christmas eve service and my eldest is the acolyte.


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