Ince by inch

There seems to be some light, faintly and hopefully, at the end of the tunnel. We're trying very hard to help my parents find an affordable place in CA. With all the cuts in aid for the elderly, it's not easy. And with my parents limitations, it's nearly impossible. But with Love and God, all things are possible...that is what I keep in my heart and mind when I think about everything.

I wrote to several agencies and got some good information. I sent them to my brother and mom and thankfully, they seem to have some places that might be good for them. If you of the praying variety, please keep them in your prayers and positive thoughts/hope.

It's been VERY challenging and has stressed out multiple family/extended family relationships but we seem to be getting some traction, finally. Oddly, the biggest hurdle was communicating and not communicating. In other words, trying to calm those who can't handle so much change (my dad) and give hope/resources/communication to those who do need that (mom/brothers/rest of the family). Big sigh...

With me being in PA, it is a constant feeling of regret and helplessness. That was my battle and I was very thankful to do something...even though I often had to pry the info from people and then try to calm all the emotional baggage (which is quite a bit, let me tell you).

It helped talking to my dear friend (who has known me for ages and all that has happened). She recently had a beautiful healthy baby girl (yeah!!) and I was a bit reluctant to share all this but she's a tough one. :) :) I'm so grateful for good friends and family. Really, I am.

Anyway, I'm still praying and don't want to jinx anything. The next hurdle is to get my dad, who is EXTREMELY reluctant to change, to accept change. So, we are being as calm as we can and there will be a storm, but as long as we are calm, I think it will work out.

Deep breath.

Jon says I should write a book...and perhaps, I should. It wouldn't have to be published...just written, sort of therapy, I guess. lol

Well, I believe there are lots of good people out there and my parents will not be homeless (worse case). I know things can't be as bad as they were 6 yrs ago and are just getting fine tuned.

I hope everyone has a blessed Christmas and one that is filled with love and hope. Keep my family in your prayers. <3


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