Gingerbread Cookies.

That is on my mind as I have to make 20 dozen or 240 c00kiES. Those are my eyeballs looking vacant in the word c00kiEs. I have the first batch cooling in the frig before we need to pull them up. Jon was supposed to get all my ingredients when he went to Sam's but told me they do not sell molasses or ginger or cinnamon. Why do I think he didn't bother looking or else just forgot? He also missed bringing home coffee (which is in the same isle as the, I know what happened). Anywho, I have to wait till he gets home, again, because I promised not to take our sickly but somehow very energetic child, to the market in the cold. Sigh.

At least I'll have 72 ready to be rolled/baked and iced while the other batch hardens in the frig (once all the ingredients are here, that is). I HATE waiting. I HATE doing things at the last minute. Okay...I got that out but I still feel annoyed. My goal was to have a huge cookie decorating process w/the kids (I'd bake yesterday/today, or mostly today) and they'd do the fun stuff.

Yesterday, I was so beat after running around to the doctors. Little Mister was sick and we had to get him some antibiotics. Poor kiddo. He looked and felt miserable...actually, he was sort of just tired but very curious (when at the doctors, that is). He even surprised the dr with his intense gaze. Little Mister stared at his beard and I think maybe thought he was Santa?? lol

Jon did get me batteries for my camera, so I am pleased. I have bunches of ideas for things to make but the time, time, time is slipping away. It'll all work out.

I did "waste" some time by finishing up my book, "Three Bags Full" by Leonie Swann. Excellent, by the way. Sad and a bit bittersweet at the end, it kept me guessing and often seeing things through a fleece covered world. I kept thinking as I read the book, how, if I really tried, I could have 2 sheep in our yard as pets. I'd have to fence in the side yard and have a little barn house for them and have hay, etc. Funny thoughts like these kept dancing in my mind. I'll research this but it is nice to dream about it, even if it's just a dream. lol

I really, really want to do some art but I want to create stuff for about 4 hrs straight and have no interuptions. As I have to pick up the kids in an hour and have a crying Little Mister, I don't think this is going to happen. Where's my sketch book so I can at least do that...gotta go.


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