Finding balance

I chatted with my mom last night...not a big thing, except that we usually talk for a few hours and usually I end up going to bed at 1 am. Which is what happened last night! lol

Aw, well. Not to go into too much detail, but there seems to be a cloud lifting and things are starting to get in balance for my dear, crazy family. I'm very happy about that. So, I'll keep praying, keep hoping and keep encouraging communication. Phewie! :)

A few days ago, I was watching a documentary about depression/anxiety on PBS. I want to watch the whole episode again as it was very enlightening about several topics I often play a role in my loved one's lives or my own life. It was good to see that people can overcome obstacles like depression. Anyway, I learned a lot and want to find out more about this...might have to re-read "Fear of Intimacy", as well (not really about depression, but interesting for it's benefits).

Anyway, the kiddos had a great day and we had a lot of quality family time. Jon made a huge batch of chocolate cookies and I put them in the cutest gingerbread man cups. I hope they still have some at the store, as I want one for me now! I did get a Santa cup and kept that one. It was funny when I bought them as a bunch of older people kept peeking in my cart and smiling or even reaching in and picking them up! lol I guess they have a nice retro look. Again, I just hope there are some left when I go back.

Oh, and yesterday, I had the worse migraine yesterday. I'm so glad it it over! I either forgot to take my allergy meds or else should have worn a mask when spraying varnish on several projects. I've learned my lesson and will wear a mask from now on.

I just looked outside and it's starting to snow! It hasn't snowed in about 5 days...just cold. Nice to see that!

Well, hope everyone has a great day, time off and can relax a little. If not, make time, skip the TV and make something with your hands. <3


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